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Canvas 3d acrylic painting- Electric



fine art body painting-Victory



Fine art bodypainting Light From Within-The Spring


The Jungle Book movie bodypainting for Disney in Madrid, Spain





Fine art body painting and canvas painting at Ozora Festival


fine art body painting in Africa, Ecuatorial Guinea


fine art bodypainting and music


Canvas painting with Jared Leto

fine art body painting and music

fine art body painting and music instrument


Inner and Outer World, canvas painting by Bella Volen


fine art body painting by Bella Volen





fine art bodypainting


fine art bodypainting by Bella Volen 2014

fine art bodypainting part 2 by Bella Volen 2014



fine art body painting called Chaos and Order

zeitenossische Kunst Wien

I work with different media as cooks work with different flavours.

Art is a mirror – let’s change the reflection!auncack angepasst

"In this confused world man needs only the horizon, he can invent the rest"

It Is All In Your Hands

Bodypainting with Asian symbols

Melt and Burn Painting


Bella Volen infront of her painting Jet Lag, or Follow the North Wind


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