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Dear visitor you could:


Body painting for:

- Events (with ot without company logos)
- Trade shows
- Festivals
- Performance with UV light body painting or with normal body painting
- Music videos, tv spots, fashion shows, films, theater, posters, book or cd covers
- Advertising
- Parties

Body painting workshops

Fine art workshops

bodypainting_star.pngYou could order:

- Murals of any size. I offer best quality and fast work

- Paintings

- Portraits

- Silkscreen prints

- Drawings

- Glass paintings

- Book illustrations

- Layout for book illustrations & books

- Book illustrations

- Painted mannequin dolls

- Body painting photo shooting


bodypainting_star.pngYou could buy:

- My book: Body Painting Transformations by Bella Volen
- Paintings
- Drawings
- Limited photos from my body painting works
- Painted mannequin dolls

book professional fine artist & body painter

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