Anti addiction art project

ADDICTION-Escape From Yourself (Visual Poem)

This is an anti addiction art project. The statistics about alcohol abuse are shocking. Almost every person has had a friend or a family member, who have struggled with it, or lost the battle. My visual poem shows more or less a surreal vision of the world of an addicted person. The text afterwards is inspirational for those, who feel lost. This poem is a result of the pain I went trough of not being able to help people I care about with addiction. I hope there are others ready for a change. Please share it with people suffering from addiction. We have to work on creating a world, where children are taken so good care of, that the distruction and isolation have no chance to grow.

Painting, idea, bodypainting, camera, video edit, photos, poem, text, voice: Bella Volen
Actor: Benedek Nagy
Male voices: Craig Tracy & Jake Goldwasser
Vienna, Austria
September 2016

One can find more information about alcohol abuse under this link.



fine art body painting about addiction


art project about addiction


fine art bodypainting and painting installation


art project against alcoholism and addiction


art project against addiction


art against addiction


art against addiction-fine art body painting and painting installation


addiction art project


balerina box


addiction, alcohol abuse art project


balerina box